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Dead Animal Removal San Diego

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Raccoons and Skunks have started to give birth!

     If you discover that you have a bad smell coming from underneath your house in San Diego, this is not uncommon. Wild animals have been moving to the city because it’s easier to get food and find shelter than in their natural environment  Fires, floods and urban development cause these animals to move to the city. Raccoons, opossums and skunks like to make a home under a house because it’s a safe place to hide from their predators and it’s dark and dry. In the spring these animals will have their babies under your house also. Whether these animals are dead or alive, our company will remove them. When you discover a dead smell inside your house this is a good indication that a animal has died under there. Sometimes animals will get hit by a car and crawl under a house and die hours later. Within a couple days of warm weather you will start to smell it inside and outside of your home in San Diego. This is when you need to call a dead animal removal specialist before you have flies and other insects under and inside your home. Pest
control companies put out poison that kills rats and a hungry animal will eat it and start to feel sick and go under a house and die.

Dead Raccoon in San Diego

Sorry we are not a company that rescues injured animals and we do not handle dog issues, call your local city Animal Control for these issues.

    Once the animal is removed, and the dead smell still lingers inside your home we can help! Our professionals in San Diego also do odor removal. Our company has developed a product called a negative air machine. This machine works well and only requires electricity from the home owner. It takes about 24 hours and this machine will suck all the dead smell out from underneath the
house. After that our professionals will disinfect and deodorize the area underneath the home. So if you are in need of dead animal removal in San Diego give us a call today! We are open seven days a week! We have offices in Carlsbad, Pacific Beach, Rancho Santa Fe and Vista.

If you need odor removal we can help! Call us today for affordable removal of your dead animal and the smell it’s left behind!

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