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In San Diego a coyote trapper has his work ahead of him. The coyote population is again at an all-time high. In the wild, a coyote living in the desert, survives on small mammals, reptiles, birds, and many kinds of fruits and grains. The density of a coyotes population depends upon how much food is available in that area. This is called carrying capacity of the land. The habitat can only successfully support X. amount of predators. In the city of San Diego, the carrying capacity of the land is infinite. Not only are there fruit trees which are irrigated and designed to produce the most fruit possible, but much of it is left to fall on the ground and waste. It is not wasted however because animals of opportunity will be there to consume it. Pet food and water left outside is also popular item on a Coyote’s menu in San Diego.

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Coyotes are some of the biggest opportunists in San Diego. Who could blame them? There is plenty of water where in their native habitat, there is very little. In the desert they will not find a bottomless dog dish full of food every night. In their native habitat they will not find bags of garbage lining the streets on a Friday night with plenty of tasty morsels inside. This is why you should get in touch with a Coyote trapper when you have seen a Coyote in your neighborhood in San Diego! Everyone in your neighborhood should be aware if there are Coyotes living near by. Everyone can work together to make sure there is no pet food or small pets unattended because this will attract Coyotes to their property!

All of these things have created a dangerous situation. Not only are Coyotes animals of opportunity, but they are fiercely territorial. A coyote can jump a six-foot fence, or dig under an 8 foot fence. They’re smart animals I have to give them that. But it is my job as a Coyote trapper in San Diego to protect my own species. I don’t hate Coyotes, but I don’t like what they do to people’s pets mainly. My own dog was killed and eaten by coyotes in 2005 on my front porch in San Diego!! I used to feel bad for people when they told me their pet was taken, but now I know exactly how they feel. That’s why I became a professional Coyote Trapper in San Diego.

My name is Mike Flick with anytime animal control, and I trap coyotes in San Diego. Coyote trapping takes a lot of work even for a seasoned veteran. It takes the correct equipment in the knowledge of how to use it. In 2005 I was trapping in San Diego. I was doing a population reduction countywide for coyotes and my route took me 250 miles a day. I would start early before daylight. And finish about 6 PM. During the course of the first 30 days I killed 153 coyotes. Using snares, foot snares, and bow and arrow, I feel that I successfully reduced the population to a safe level in San Diego California.

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