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Bee Removal ~ Carlsbad

Our company provides affordable Bee and Bee hive removal in Carlsbad!

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Bee Hive Removal

If you live in Carlsbad and discover you have a bee hive this is not uncommon. This year the Bee population has gone up and they seem to be causing more problems then in past years! Honey bees and all types of bees will make a hive almost anywhere. Once the bees have established a hive they will lay thousands of eggs a day. They also can produce several pounds of honey in just a few weeks. We remove bee hives from walls, chimneys, eves of homes and trees everyday. We do live Bee Removal so that we can relocate the bees where they won’t be a bother to people in Carlsbad. Removal of a bee hive must be done by a professional because Bee Removal can become more aggressive when there is a hive and babies to protect. This is a good time to call a Bee Removal company in Carlsbad. If you suspect that you may have a hive inside your wall it is important to give us a call right away. Bees can destroy a wall when it becomes too crowded. We remove bee hives seven days a week in all cities of San Diego.

  Bee swarm in a tree

Bee Swarm

Bee swarms are very common this year in the Carlsbad area. Bee swarms are Bees that have not established a hive. When a hive becomes too crowded the Bees will “split” up and move to another location to establish another hive. Bee swarms are commonly found in a tree or a bush. They will travel for miles and then stop to rest in a tree or bush to rest for about 24 hrs and then move on. Bee swarms are not very aggressive because they have nothing to protect such as a hive. Although they are intimidating because there is thousands of them in a swarm. Our Bee Keeper can remove these Bees alive and relocate them where they won’t be a bother to the citizens of Carlsbad. If you discover a large ball of Bees in your yard it is probably a swarm. Don’t try to use spray to get rid of them because you will never kill them all, you will just make them angry and the situation will get out of control. If you have a Bee swarm in your yard and it has been there for more than a few days then the Bees could be establishing a hive. Swarm removal is important to get done before the Bees establish a hive because it will be much cheaper than if we have to remove a hive from your home in Carlsbad.

Our company does affordable Bee hive and swarm removal seven days a week! Give us a call today and talk to our bee keeper Chris.


Sorry we are not a company that rescues injured animals and we do not handle dog issues, call your local city Animal Control for these issues.

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