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Raccoon Removal Chula Vista

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Call us for affordable Raccoon Removal in Chula Vista!

Raccoon Removal professionals in Chula Vista are a lot like the guys on CSI. The first thing
a Raccoon Trapper in Chula Vista must do is determine that the animal we are trapping
is in fact a Raccoon. Other animals sometimes cause the damage, and then, because you
saw a raccoon in the area, You start looking for a Raccoon Removal professional. I’ve learned over the years,
that a raccoon leaves certain indication, just like any animal. It is like a finger print
Which is the first step in our wildlife inspection.
Now that we know what we are after, we have to figure out what is going to get that raccoon to choose our
to go into our trap.Putting Cat food in the raccoon trap is effective sometimes, But
often it is like bringing a ham sandwich to a picnic. Why would any self respecting
raccoon in San Diego or Los Angeles
want to go in a trap after that? We have to make the raccoon feel like he MUST get in our trap!
Certain smells on our raccoon trap will help atract raccoons. Other smells drive raccoons away from our trap.
Human scent isnt realy a problem, But if a coyote was captured in that trap
recently, it may have an adverse effect on our raccoon trapping efforts. Raccoons are
smart animals, and the Raccoon Removal professional in Chula Vista has to be smarter. Just because the
trap says raccoon trap, doesn’t mean we can just set it any old where in your yard, and a raccoon will
magically walk in and get caught. Raccoon Traps can also catch other animals too!
A skunk coming by will be most likely an unwelcomed surprise in our raccoon trap.
Our selection of bait in the trap can lessen the likelyhood of a non target catch, but skunks and raccoons eat
alot of the same things, so it just may happen if you have both raccoons and skunks in your area. Which
isnt uncommon in Chula Vista! Call us and talk to a Raccoon Trapper and get a price quote over the phone!

  • Raccoons don’t control themselves, when they become pests on your property or under your house, in San Diego.

  • Sorry we are not a company that rescues injured animals and we do not handle dog issues, call your local city Animal Control for these issues.

Call us for affordable Raccoon Removal in all cities of San Diego!


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