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December 2017
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Coyote Trapper Rancho Bernardo


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Female Coyotes have started to give birth!

Coyote Trappers in Rancho Bernardo have there work cut out for them.  Coyotes and other wild animals have been moving to the city because it’s easier to get food and find shelter than in their natural environment. The Coyote population has doubled in all cities of San Diego!! Small pets are being attacked and killed everyday by Coyotes!

A Coyote Trapper in Rancho Bernardo needs to be smarter than one of the most adaptable
animals in North America.

Coyote Removal professionals in Rancho Bernardo have a wide variety of control methods to use
and each has its own purpose.

Humane Coyote Removal methods: More or less, a cage trap control method. It is used when the area has
high traffic of children or pets. It isn’t as successful a control method as the others
But can be turned into an effective tool in the right situation.

Non-Lethal Snares: I like using these. They are a modified form of the foot hold control method
They are designed to keep a loop of padded cable on the foot of the coyote
until the Coyote Trapper gets there in the morning.

Lethal Snares: These snares are also extremely effective as Coyote Removal methods.
They close as the coyote moves forward through it. I have used thousands of these and
they are great for guarding trails and areas where coyotes in Rancho Bernardo duck under fences.
I have caught dogs in them, but a tame dog wont pull it tight and kill itself. They are always
in great shape when I get there to release it in the morning.
The coyote fights the trapping method, and the harder he pulls,the tighter it closes,and the coyote
dies quickly.

Coyotes Do:

Attack Children
Attack and Eat Pets
Jump fences
Carry Rabies and other diseases

Also are infested with Fleas and ticks!

Coyote control starts with you in San Diego!

Call us for affordable Coyote Removal in all cities of San Diego!