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December 2017
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Honey Bee

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The city of San Diego has plenty of Honey Bee control troubles! Especially after a couple of days of rain. The Flowers start blooming, and everything is lush and green again. Queen bees lay more eggs and the hives grow rapidly. When the room in that hive runs out, a few thousand bees search for a place of there own. Don’t be surprised if the bees move into the walls of your home in San Diego and need control. It only takes a small crack for the bees to get in, establish a hive, and store hundreds of pounds of honey. Rancho Sante Fe is a popular city in San Diego with large populations of  Honey Bees.


Common Honey Bee


We have a master Bee Removal professional in San Diego who can make this problem go away for you. He will remove the bees and then remove the bee hive. If the bee hive isnt removed it will cause an awful smell from the thousands of rotting bee larvae. People in San Diego with Bee control issues can call 800-714-8727 and talk to our dispatcher Kim. She will take your information and make sure our Bee Removal professional calls you within 30 minutes. When our bee control expert in San Diego is wearing a protective suite, he can’t use his cell phone. We remove Bee hives, bee swarms, wasps and the anything left behind.

Bee control starts with you in San Diego! Protect your family with one phone call!


Sorry we are not a company that rescues injured animals and we do not handle dog issues, call your local city Animal Control for these issues.