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Raccoons are moving into the city more and more in the last couple of years. Wild fires, floods, drought and urban development force raccoons and other animals to come to the city of Pacific Beach looking for food, water and shelter. This is where the trouble begins for the people of Pacific Beach. Raccoons are very strong animals and good climbers. These animals are nocturnal, so their up all night and sleep all day. If you have a vegetable garden a Raccoon is sure to find it and eat all the vegetables and fruits that he can and come back the next day for more. Fruit trees are another favorite food and will attract a Raccoon to your yard in Pacific Beach. Raccoons are good fisherman and will raid your koi pond and clean it out in a few nights. If your garbage is not secured tightly a Raccoon will rip it apart and leave a big mess for you in the morning. When Raccoons leave your garbage tore up this will attract other animals to your property. Controlling a Raccoon Pest invasion can be helped by the home owner in Pacific Beach. Keeping your pet food indoors at night will help a lot. Raccoons aren’t afraid of dogs or cats, in fact they can rip a dog or cat apart with their sharp claws. If you discover that you have Raccoon Pest problem in your neighborhood, keeping your dogs and cats inside at night is a good idea. Raccoons carry disease and round worm which is dangerous to humans and pets in Pacific Beach. Call us today and talk to our Raccoon Removal professional and get a free price quote!

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Raccoon in my Attic

Towards the end of winter Raccoon’s start their breeding season. Once the female becomes pregnant, then more problems will start for the citizens in Pacific Beach. The mother raccoon will begin to look for more than one place to have her babies. She will look for a place that is warm, dark and safe from predators. What better place then the attic of your home or under your house in Pacific Beach, California! Raccoons will find a way to climb onto your roof to get into your attic. Trees, rain down spouts and fences will help them get up there. Raccoons are strong and can rip the shingles off your roof or the soffits of your home to get in. The mother raccoon will pick more than one place to have her babies in case one becomes unsafe she can move them to another quickly. Our Raccoon Removal professional does humane removal of the mother and babies. So if you are having Raccoon Pest problems in Pacific Beach, call our Raccoon Removal professional today and get a free price quote!

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