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December 2017
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Raccoon Problems / Removal ~ San Diego

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Raccoon’s Delight


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Raccoon Problems

  Female Raccoons have started to give birth again and Raccoons will soon be causing lots of problems for the citizens of San Diego.  Raccoons and other wild animals have been moving to the city because it’s easier to get food and find shelter than in their natural environment. This is when Raccoon Removal becomes important. I’m going to tell you a little bit about raccoon behavior and what problems to expect from these animals. Many people in San Diego wonder why a raccoon is attracted to their yard. Raccoons are scavengers and will eat almost anything when hungry. Garbage that is put out and not secured in a container is one of a raccoon’s favorites. If you have pets, leaving their food outside is a big mistake! Raccoons love to eat dog or cat food. Raccoons are strong and will not hesitate to rip a dog or cat apart to get at their food. Fish ponds in San Diego are another favorite because raccoons are great fishermen and will eat all your fish within a few days! If this is happening to you, call a Raccoon Removal professional right away before you pond is emptied. Fruit trees and gardens will also attract these animals. This is just a few problems you will have with raccoons until you call a Raccoon Removal professional. Remember these animals carry disease and their feces carries round worm which is dangerous to humans and pets besides all the other problems they can cause to your home and property in San Diego.

Raccoon on Roof ~ Attic Cleanup

   If you spot a raccoon on your roof it is important to call a raccoon removal specialist right away. Once a raccoon gets on your roof he or she will rip off your shingles to get into your attic. Raccoons are very strong and will find a way to get in causing a lot of damage in the process. Female raccoons will soon be looking for a attic to have their babies in all over San Diego. This will cause more raccoon problems for the people of San Diego. If you are having this problem, give us a call and our Raccoon Removal professional will remove the raccoon and clean and deodorize your attic and replace your insulation if needed. Call today for a free price quote!

Call us for solutions to your Raccoon Problems and affordable Raccoon Removal in all cities in San Diego!

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