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Sorry we are not a company that rescues injured animals and we do not handle dog issues, call your local city Animal Control for these issues.

Skunks and other wild animals have been moving to the city because it’s easier to get food and find shelter than in their natural environment.

 Skunk controllers in San Diego deal with the skunks using non-lethal traps, we don’t want your cats getting hurt in the process of your skunk trapping process.

Skunk controllers in San Diego can remove the smell of the skunk from under the house. We will have your home smelling pretty again!

Skunk Removal professionals in San Diego can get the skunk caught and removed without the skunk spraying!

Skunk controllers can remove the skunks and skunk proof the home with a one year warranty!

Skunk controllers in San Diego want to keep the mother skunk with the baby skunks. Exclusion methods we use instead of trapping works in many cases.

In all defence of the skunk, He was just doing what skunks do. They need to have shelter, they need water, and they need to eat. But without some form of control the skunks will over run the place starting with your property. There is no need to get too drastic and start putting harmful chemicals out for the skunk. We can usually put on the kid gloves and take care of your skunk control needs anywhere in San Diego in a very humane manner

  • For skunk control in San Diego, call us!



  Skunk eating pet food

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