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Skunk Removal San Diego

Skunk Removal San Diego


Our company has been providing Skunk Removal in San Diego for the
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  Skunk making a home in San Diego

Female Skunks have started to give birth!

      Skunk removal has become a much needed service in all cities of San Diego. Skunks are causing problems for the citizens of San Diego. Skunks and other wild animals have been moving to the city because it’s easier to get food and find shelter than in their natural environment. The Skunk population has doubled in the past couple years. Not only do Skunks smell bad they also cause damage to your property. Skunks will dig up your lawn in San Diego looking for grubs and insects they like to eat. If you have a vegetable garden they will raid it every night until they have eaten all their favorite veggies. If you have family pets they will spray them when startled or chased. Citizens in San Diego can do skunk control themselves by doing their own preventive measures. Taking pet food inside at night and securing your garbage cans is a good start. Skunks love to eat dog and cat food. They will get into your garbage cans if not covered and make a mess. Skunks are digging machines and like to make their home under your house, deck or porch. This causes problems when mating season starts. Skunks will spray under a structure where they live to attract the opposite sex. Skunk spray is very strong and will stink up the inside of your home if the skunk has sprayed underneath your house. Skunks are night animals, during the day they will sleep where its dark and safe. When the female is ready to have babies in the spring they will make a nest under a house in San Diego. This causes more problems once the babies are born. This is why it’s important to call a Skunk Removal professional right away! Babies will spray not knowing what its for but just because they can. The mother skunk will have 5 to 6 babies in a litter. It gets pretty stinky in San Diego after the baby skunks have become mobile. Our Skunk Removal professional also does odor removal from homes and structures in San Diego. Our Skunk Removal professional can have your home smelling sweet in no time. We have developed a negative air machine which sucks the Skunk odor out from underneath your home! We provide humane Skunk Removal in all cities of San Diego.

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