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Wildlife Removal – Skunks, Raccoons, Bees ~ Carlsbad

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Female Raccoon and Skunks have started to give birth!


Skunk Removal

   Skunk breeding season is here and skunks are digging their way under houses all over Carlsbad. In some cities Baby Skunks are already being born. This will make things rather stinky for the citizens of Carlsbad. Now instead of one skunk living under your house you have 6 or 7! Once Baby Skunks are old enough they will spray just because they can, they are too young to know what it’s for. Whether you have one skunk or a family of skunks, our Skunk Removal professional can get them out and Skunk Proof your home to prevent this from happening again. Our company also does Skunk Odor Removal if you have a Skunk that has sprayed under your home in Carlsbad. Call us today and talk to a Skunk Removal professional and get a free price quote over the phone! Skunks are now having babies all over San Diego, so don’t wait call now!!


Raccoon Removal

  Raccoons have started breeding and having babies all over the city of Carlsbad. This is when the problems will begin for the citizens of Carlsbad. Raccoons are very strong and destructive animals. When the females become pregnant, they will look for a place to have their babies. Common places are in your attic or space between your ceiling and roof. They will also give birth under your home. If you have spotted a raccoon on your roof, chances are it’s a female looking for a place to break in. this is a good time to give us a call and talk to our Raccoon Removal professional. Raccoons will make a mess in your attic not to mention the damage where it has broke in. Raccoons will poop and pee all over your insulation causing your home to smell bad. Our company can remove the Raccoon and babies humanely and also clean and deoderize your attic. If you are hearing noises in your attic, give us a call today and talk to our Raccoon Removal professional! We provide Wildlife Removal in all cities of San Diego! Raccoons are now having babies in attics all over San Diego, so don’t wait call now!!

Bee Removal

   Bee season is here and bees of all types will be looking for a places to make a hive. This will cause problems for the citizens of Carlsbad. Although bees are good for our environment, they like to make a hive outside homes or inside the wall or eves on your property in Carlsbad. We remove wasps, honey bees, killer bees ect. We provide live removal and relocation of bees. If you discover a large ball of bees but they have no hive, this is called a swarm. These bees have left the hive because it became too crowded. Bee swarms are commonly found in a bush or tree. These bees are not aggressive because they have no hive to protect but if disturbed will attack. Bee swarms can contain thousands of bees which cannot be all killed with a can of bee spray. Bee hives grow fast because the Queen Bee will lay a thousand eggs per day. Honey Bees produce several pounds of honey in just a few days. This can cause a lot of damage to a home or structure in a just a few days. If you see bees going in and out of your home this is a good time to call us. Call us today and talk to our Bee Keeper Matt and get a free price quote! We provide Wildlife Removal in all cities of San Diego!

    Honey Bee

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We also provide removal of Opossums, Snakes, Coyotes, Bats, Rats, Wild Cats, Birds and Gophers!



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