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Skunk Removal / Under House ~ San Diego

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    If you live in San Diego and are smelling a Skunk chances are it’s living underneath your house. Skunk breeding season is here and this is when it will get stinky for the citizens of San Diego.

Female Skunks have started to give birth!

Skunk Behavior

   Skunks will be attracted to your yard in San Diego for many reasons and most situations will require someone who is trained in Skunk Removal to correct the problem. Pet food left outside will attract a Skunk because they love to eat pet food. Garbage that is not kept in a secure container will also attract a Skunk. Skunks can smell better than they can see. A fruit or vegetable garden is a skunks delight! They will keep coming back till there’s nothing left so if this is happening to you, call a Skunk Removal professional if you want to keep your garden going. When food and water sources are available, skunks will often make a home near by. Skunks like to make their home under a house or a porch in San Diego. Skunks are great diggers and will often dig a hole near the foundation of a structure to get in. Once he or she has established a home under your house they will spray to attract a mate. This can cause your home to stink inside and out. Our company also does Skunk Odor Removal if your house in San Diego has become too stinky to stay in. The first step of course is to get the Skunk removed and then we can proceed with the odor removal process. If you are noticing small holes dug all over your yard, this is another sign that you have a Skunk living near by. Skunks dig for grubs they like to eat. This problem will not get any better until you call a skunk removal professional and have that Skunk trapped and removed. Skunk trapping requires a experienced trapper so that once it’s caught it can be removed without spraying anyone in the process. Skunks will soon be having babies under homes in San Diego, so now is the time to get the problem resolved. Our company provides Skunk Removal and odor removal seven days a week!

If you have a Skunk living under your house or you need odor removal, call us today!

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We are a private Wildlife Removal Company, if you are having Skunk problems call and talk to our Skunk Removal professional today and get a free price quote!