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San Diego Trappers ~ Skunk Removal

San Diego Trappers provide affordable Skunk Removal in all cities of San Diego!

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Skunks digging up a lawn

Baby Skunks are mobile!

  This is the time of year that Skunks are causing problems all over San Diego. Skunk babies are now big enough to go out on there own to find food and a place to live. Skunk breeding season is here. This is when the problems will start for the citizens of San Diego. Skunks like to make their homes under houses, sheds and decks. This causes problems because of the constant smell that lingers outside and inside your home. This is only one of the reasons to call a Skunk Removal professional. Skunks will also dig up your yard looking for grubs and other insects to eat, killing your lawn in the process. If you have a curious dog or cat they will usually end up getting sprayed by getting in the way or being to curious of why the Skunk is on their property. So if you are smelling a Skunk around your home in San Diego, chances are he is living nearby or even under your house. Skunk spray is toxic and can blind a dog or cat if they are sprayed in the face. Our San Diego Skunk trappers can remove the Skunk and the odor he left behind when needed. When a Skunk has sprayed under your home it can make your home unbearable to stay in. Don’t worry our Skunk Removal professionals provide Odor Removal in all cities of San Diego! 

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