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Skunk Control San Diego

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Skunks in San Diego

We are a private Wildlife Removal Company, if you are having Skunk problems call and talk to our Skunk Removal professional today and get a free price quote!

  If you live in San Diego and are having skunk problems, you are not alone. Skunks come to the city because their environment becomes unlivable. Wild fires, floods, drought and urban development cause them to move to the city of San Diego looking for food, shelter and water. Many people are unaware that they can help with skunk control by doing a few things themselves. Skunks are scavengers and will eat almost anything. If you have pets, keeping their food inside at night is a good idea. Skunks like to eat pet food and will keep coming back if they know it’s available. Keeping you garbage in a secure container is also a good idea. Skunks will rip apart a bag a garbage looking for scraps. Skunks do not have very good eye sight but they have a great nose. Skunks will dig up your lawn looking for grubs and bugs they like to eat. When this is happening to you, there is not much you can do to control this action, but to call a professional skunk trapper. Skunks will keep coming back until you don’t have much of a lawn left. Skunks will also raid a vegetable or fruit garden and will keep coming back until there’s nothing left. This is a good time to call a skunk control specialist. Skunks are great diggers so if you put up a fence they will just dig under it to get in.

Skunk under house

  If you discover you have a skunk living under your house in San Diego, this is not uncommon. Most homes in southern California don’t have basements and that’s what skunks and other wild animals look for. Skunks will break in through your crawl space vents to get in. Skunks are nocturnal so they like to sleep all day. They look for a safe, dark and dry place to live and sleep. What better place than under your house in San Diego? When breeding season approaches, they will spray under your house to attract a mate. It’s important to call a skunk control specialist or trapper as soon as you discover you have a skunk living under your home because it will become rather stinky inside your house. This is a good time to cal a Skunk Removal professional before your home becomes unbearable to stay in! Once the skunk has been removed, our company also does skunk odor removal.

Skunk babies are mobile and able to spray!

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